Arcana Game

  • Production Time:   13 weeks
  • Project Description:  Side scrolling brawler game for the iPad based on a new comic book series by Arcana Comics. The game follows a potential future portrait in the comic book where a group of heroes that come together to battle evil in a post apocalyptic world.
  • Role:  Producer | 3D Animator
  • Client:  Arcana Comics

Game Design Document (pdf)



  • Created and maintained production schedules, and ensured they were accurate and up to date.
  • Ensured adequate delegation of production tasks between project members.
  • Determined the most efficient and economic way to allocate resources on different tasks of the project.
  • Ensured that the production runs to schedule by successfully identifying,analyzing and resolving problems beforehand.
  • Took extra initiatives to ensure the successful delivery of projects on time and on budget.
  • Defined the attributes and sprite sheet necessary for the 3d animations.
  • Worked as a lead in the team of 3d animators.
  • Maintained communication with the client through periodical reports, emails
    and meetings, both virtual and presencial.

What I Learned

  • Further development of my knowledge in applying Agile methodologies to Project Management.
  • Optimization of 3d animation techniques on how to achieve the best results under severe time and resource constraints.
  • Dealing with a complex game development production as well as creating a brand identity for the client.
  • Managing the ever changing scope of the project making sure that the client’s expectations are meet and insuring complete buy in from the entire team.
  • Translating sometimes abstract ideas into concrete and executable tasks and deliverables.
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