Crazy Bull

  • Production Time:  24 hours
  • Project Description:  Casual game developed for a game jam where the theme was “Bull in a China Shop”.
  • Role:   Game Designer | Sound Designer | 3d Modeler


Play the game


  • Co-ordinating brainstorm sessions under severe time constraints.
  • Creating development pipeline to take into accounts available human resources and time commitment.
  • Ensuring that production follows the guidelines and schedule laid out.
  • Modelling 3d assets necessary for game success.

What I Learned

  • Challenges of a time sensitive production.
  • How much a team of motivated people can produce, even in a extremely short 48 hour period.
  • Balancing work hours and productivity.
  • Ensuring the team members have everything they need in hand when necessary.
  • How to prioritize look and function to achieve the best result with the resources available.
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