The Day Before the End

  • Production Time:    4 weeks
  • Project Description:   Short interactive film about a man in a coma after a car accident and his interactions with the people in his hospital room on the day prior to the accident.
  • Role:   Producer | Director | Writer | Film Editor


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My Role

  •  Evolving group idea into a complete storyline.
  • Adapting tradition storytelling methods into different ways of user interactions.
  • Defining production schedule and ensuring it’s followed.
  • Breaking down the phases into understandable and manageable tasks.
  • Direct crew and cast to achieve the desired results.
  • Scout and define shooting locations.
  • Segure necessary resources for production.

What I Learned

  • Handling a complex production in a short period of time.
  • Organize and manage a casting process.
  • Ensure vision is upheld throughout production.
  • Managing a larger crew and cast assemble.
  • Finding alternate ways to achieve the same result in a more efficient manner.
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