Hero’s Journey

  • Production Time:    6 weeks
  • Project Description:   Casual adventure board game based on the concept of the hero’s journey. In a fantasy setting players can choose their characters and the different paths they can take towards becoming a hero.
  • Role:   Game Designer | Producer


Game Design Document (PDF)


  • Development of initial idea into complete and functional game design project.
  • Writing and maintaining the Game Design Document.
  • Leading production sprints.
  • Communicating ideas to members in different departments.
  • Facilitating game test sessions and identifying user pain points for improvement.
  • Coordinating production to ensure a release in the agreed upon timeline.

What I Learned

  • How to balance game statistics for a challenging yet fun and approachable gameplay.
  • Developing ideas from the early stage to complete fruition.
  • Translating complex ideas into easily understandable concepts.
  • Communicating the necessary guidelines for art development.
  • Managing actual printing and soft launch of a board game.
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