Null Identity

  • Production Time:  2 weeks
  • Project Description:  Short film about a woman who goes on a quest for answers and vengeance after she is accused of crimes she did not commit.
  • Role:   Producer | Director | Writer | Film Editor



Complete Film

My Role

  • Writing the story according the group decided concept.
  • Deciding on visual style to be applied.
  • Scouting for ideal shooting locations.
  • Developing production schedule.
  • Making sun production runs in schedule and according to plan.
  • Directing shooter and actors in order to achieve the best results.

What I Learned

  • Challenges of working in a particular type of genre with the limited resources available.
  • Optimal ways to ensure a particular mood and emotional effect are conveyed to the viewer.
  • Dealing with production conflicts and unforeseen barriers that rise during production.
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