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  • Production Time:  13 weeks
  • Project Description: Development of the front end of a web platform for a proprietary engine that supports the public consultation and decision making process, for use in a pilot program with a municipal government in British Columbia.
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Client:  Evolition / Party X


My Role

  •  Managing client’s expectations and the reality of team’s capabilities.
  • Bridging communication between team members of different areas.
  • Producing project documents.
  • Defining achievable project scope and managing its progression through time.
  • Spearheading search for hiring additional members with specific skill sets.
  • Communicating the team’s necessities and ensuring they are met.

What I Learned

  • Translating complex ideas and concepts to all team members.
  • Ensuring client’s understanding of project progress.
  • How to adequately channel team’s efforts into prioritized activities.
  • Ensuring the entire team is on the same page before advancing phases.
  • Managing scrum sessions and scrum board.
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