A Tale of Two Towns

  • Production Time:   2 weeks
  • Project Description:  Canadian/Chinese co-production of a short interactive documentary about tourism in Vancouver and Beijing.
  • Role:  Producer | Sound Editor | Film Editor

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  • Developing production schedule and tasks breakdown.
  • Ensuring that production runs in schedule.
  • Scouting locations for shooting.
  • Creating complex soundscapes for scenes.
  • Facilitating brainstorm sessions for concept development.
  • Managing the collaboration between two teams in different nations.

What I Learned

  • Challenges and benefits of a co-production.
  • How to adequately manage teams in different time zones.
  • Properly convey messages and concepts to team members with different culture and language.
  • Optimizing production runs, splitting taks between smaller teams working in parallel.
  • Balancing expectations from different stakeholders and involved players.
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