The Unknown

  • Production Time   26 weeks
  • Project Description:   Adventure point-and-click game where the player takes control of a father after he wakes up with his wife murdered next to him and he must find and protect his children while the murderer is still inside the house.
  • Role:   Producer | Game Designer | Sound Designer

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  • Developing production schedule and identifying skills and assets requirements.
  • Writing the game storyline and plot points.
  • Designing game style and functions.
  • Writing design and research documents.
  • Co-ordinating asset distribution and delegation of tasks.
  • Ensuring that production follows the defined schedule.
  • Designing sound assets to ensure the game experience achieves the desired mood and user immersion.

What I Learned

  • Importance of sound design and its relation to game design.
  • Merging story and gameplay to achieve a complete experience.
  • Managing a team of full time members as well as periodical freelancers.
  • Importance of visually enticing art assets in order to properly convey the feeling and style of the game.
  • How to properly implement sound and merge it with the art and interaction to achieve the desired result.
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